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Blackberry primocane - decoration/substrate/food?

Discussion in 'Insects, Other Invertebrates & Arthropods' started by ryanserafin, Apr 4, 2015.

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    In my yard I have a variety of erect thornless blackberry which requires thinning every season. It just dawned on me that I might be able to utilize the nice sturdy canes in my enclosures - vertical surface area for my smaller arboreals, molting surface for my mantids and scorps, etc. I've read that blackberry leaves are used in parallel to oak and rose in feeding phasmids and sometimes roaches, so I also question the extended use of the woody cane. Any ideas on whether I can treat it similar to oak and use it as a portion of my millipede substrate once it rots a little? And does anyone know something about blackberry cane that would make it advisable to not use it as decoration?

    Not interested in any debate about mites/sterilization, just curious what I might learn about the composition of the plant itself. Citations are greatly appreciated!
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