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Black Spider and her eggs

Discussion in 'True Spiders & Other Arachnids' started by Brianhogs, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Brianhogs

    Brianhogs Arachnosquire

    Her with her dinner

    Love this one. She is very stubborn and tries to crawl under anything, whether its a thin stick or a pebble, she can flatten her self pretty well.

    Her eggs are about a month old, expecting to hatch soon.

    Close up
  2. johnharper

    johnharper Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Never heard of these where are they from? Are they pretty toxic?

  3. Brianhogs

    Brianhogs Arachnosquire

    I found her and a male in Deerpark, Washington. I don't know about the toxicity, but they are very aggressive. I mated the male and her about 7 times and then I threw the male in there and left him in there until she finally got him.
  4. johnharper

    johnharper Arachnobaron Old Timer


    Do you feed them crickets or roaches?

  5. Brianhogs

    Brianhogs Arachnosquire

    neither....moths :D
  6. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince

    Is black spider a generic name or is that the common name for this species? It looks awesome either way!
  7. crpy

    crpy Arachnoking

    im thinking shes a Amaurobiid, maybe Titanoeca americana.
  8. froggyman

    froggyman Arachnoangel

    is this species exclusive to the west coast?
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