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Best Pets - Pacifica, CA


May 8, 2014
I was in the area a few days ago so called over to see if they carried any tarantulas. A young male picked up the phone and said that they did, but it was pretty clear he didn't know much about them. He said they had several, but was confused when I asked them if they had slings, juvies, or adults. To help him I asked if he could tell around how many inches they were and he just told me that they had a Rosie that was the largest. Okay, still not helping me. Not wanting to give him too hard of a time I just told him I'd swing by.

A few minutes later I arrived at the store. A girl was helping a customer at the front and she looked up briefly although she didn't smile or make any other sort of greeting. Okay, fine.

I did a quick loop through the store and saw very sad looking dogs in small kennels - seemed like puppy mill dogs although I cannot confirm that. But they looked dirty and very sad. Not like "take me home please" sad, but "I am so miserable" sort of sad.

Anyway. The tarantulas were behind some glass in a room for employees only with the majority of their reptiles. I knocked on the door and a young man greeted me, assuming correctly that I had been the person to have just called about the tarantulas. He was pouring water into some of their water dishes as I got there, but hadn't gotten to all of them yet. Several had not only bone dry dishes but also had very, very dirty and dry sponges in their dishes as well. Tsk.

I wanted to get a closer look at one, so I asked if I could pull the container down to get a better look. He said "Of course. Feel free to hold it too. You shouldn't get a tarantula if you aren't going to hold it." I really hope he isn't saying that to everyone who comes in.

All of the tarantulas were labeled with "common names" although they were names I had never seen. It was bizarre, like they were combining two or three common names into one. I couldn't tell for sure what any of them were other than the rosehairs, so I asked if he knew the scientific names of any of them. His response was to snort a laugh and say condescendingly "I'm a first year college student, so I don't know the scientific name of everything." Um, okay.

At that point I'd had enough and left. Do not recommend.