Best display Ts for limited space?

Konstantin Konstantinov

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Oct 10, 2019
I will strongly suggest Davus pentaloris over Theraphosinae sp panama if you don't have experience with taranchulas as I own them both but Theraphosinae sp panama slings are giving me hard time and lost 2 (+1 in death curl for a week now so probably won't make it)of the 5 I bought.
Regards Konstantin


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Feb 23, 2021
Thanks for the heads-up @Konstantin Konstantinov , I saw your thread, that was unfortunate, I still feel like I wanna try my chance and hope for the best.

Btw guys, for the enclosure size I provided (8x8x8 or 8x8x12 inches), I was wondering :

Can adult female GBB and adult female H. pulchripes fit in there? Or would it be too tight for them?


Aug 18, 2019
Thanks for the replies and suggestions, I'll admit, I was tempted to get a few Cyriocosmus as well, and now I kinda want a N. incei... Ugh, choices are tough... :(
And thanks for the dwarf species list, I just saw it, bookmarked it for future reference!

As for slings, I'd like to avoid them if possible, not that I don't trust my husbandry (I'm currently raising a sling with no issue), but more that I'd hope and wait for a female to be available. I know many people recommend getting multiple slings to be sure, but I'd rather pay the extra price for a confirmed female.

Anyone has experience with D. rufoniger? Is it as purple in real life as it is on pictures? How are they compared to the D. diamantinensis in terms of behavior?

For now, out of the 3 species I'll be getting, I'm 80% set on getting a N. incei, still thinking and looking around.
The N. incei is great! Mine has webbed really heavily but is still out most of the time, and has a massive food drive. I prefer the olive color form over the gold.