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Best Cameras for Tarantula Photography?

Discussion in 'Through the Lens' started by Spiderkid, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Spiderkid

    Spiderkid Arachnosquire

    Bad news...my Nikon DSLR suffered some severe water damage while in the care of a friend (who won't be borrowing any more of my gadgets :wall: ). My SD card was also ruined, along with all the pics I had taken of various Aphonopelma species that I was planning to share with you guys :bomb: At this point, the local camera store says it'd be cheaper for me to just buy a new camera. With Christmas around the corner, I was thinking that I might want to treat myself to a new gadget or two. So, what cameras do you recommend for photographing T's and just taking pics of nature in general. I was thinking of getting into Macro photography- there are some people on this forum who have posted amazing macro pics of T's and other inverts. Also, I'd prefer not to spend more than $500. Thanks Guys :D
  2. I would love to know too. Im planning on documenting my new H.Gigas that i'll be receiving later tomorrow.
  3. MarkmD

    MarkmD Arachnoprince

    I also would like to know what camera is good to use, I lost my old one and now have to use my phone and its not grate.
  4. Grin

    Grin Arachnoknight

    I personally wouldn't spend my money on any other brand besides Nikon.
    Here's a list of Nikon cameras and price ranges.

    I have been wanting a D7000 for awhile, but once i get done paying off the laptop i'll be going to pick up a D3200.
    Now you might want to go to Bestbuy or anywhere else located near you that sells camera and shoot a couple pictures, get the feeling of different cameras.
    Make sure you're comfortable enough with your choice. Do a bit of research and read/watch reviews.

    This link might also be of use to you.
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  5. I know i didnt make this thread but tyvm grin. XD
    But now i have to save up money to buy it :mad: but what can you do. :o_O:
  6. advan

    advan oOOo Staff Member

    Nikon IMO has the sharpest sensor available, even in the economy DLSR models. Happy spider shooting! :D
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  7. Scar

    Scar Arachnosquire

    Nikon and Canon are very comparable in quality, function, technology, and price. Just depends on what side of the fence you stand on. Either would be a fine choice. Since you are asking this question, you are probably not familiar with photography so a 35mm SLR would take some time and frustration to get your photos to turn out right. Not to mention you won't know what you're doing wrong until you develop the film. I still don't think digital photo quality has caught up to film yet. However, with a digital SLR you can tweak and fix as you shoot as you can instantly see your shots. For online use it would obviously be easier to post the images with digital. Now digital SLRs have a gigantic price tag compared to 35mm and you're "point and shoot" cameras. Now taking a step down, there have been some rather nice smaller digital cameras to come out that have really nice lenses. Examples are SOME of the higher end Canon Power Shot series or the Nikon Coolpix series which will be less expensive and easier to operate and handle/carry. These are a logical choice for a casual user that wants great digital photos. Hope this rambling helped a little. :D
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