Being bitten by an orb spider is what got me interested in spiders...

Dr. Octopus

Mar 21, 2007
As a boy my family had a country farm in the mountains of New Hamprshire- it was pure wilderness, no electricity, light by kerosene lamp and fireflies...
The place was a haven for copperhead snakes, and orb spiders, which would weave enormous spider webs.
I would pass the time away hurling crickets and grasshoppers into the orb spider's web- it was mesmerizing watching the spider attack the prey, and spin its meal into a webbed coccoon......

I once found a web within reach, and grabbed the spider off the web with my bare hand- It bit me of course, and hurt like a bastard...I was 10 at the time...but rather than being frightened by spiders, it sparked a greater interest in them.....

Im not sure the species of spider that bit me- the web was huge- but man, my whole hand swelled up-

Even still, I went on to capture more orb spiders after that- my technique? I'd quickly grab them off thier web with my bare hand and put them in a jar..
Or couse i'd never do that today- I'd leave the orb spiders in peace, but I was an inquisitive kid, and it was the 1970s...

Anyone else bitten by a spider as a child- or have any of your kids been bitten?
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Aug 8, 2005
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Dec 25, 2014
Yeah. Me, here. There's a bite report, lol. More or less like you, save for the spider and location.. and the fact that i was a "bit" drunk :)