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Before I add to the pic thread, my new P. Chordatus

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by fowlmoodmandy, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. fowlmoodmandy

    fowlmoodmandy Arachnopeon

    Just wanted to make sure. I assume from pics that this is a male judging by color? Looks like males are lighter and females are more gray. Educate me. Pic was taken in between the somewhat burnt holes of the enclosure just after rehouse. T was upset so climbing. This is a juvenile maybe 3"

    P chordatus.jpg
  2. That's definitely a P. lugardi.
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  3. fowlmoodmandy

    fowlmoodmandy Arachnopeon

    ok, that's what I was suspicious of. Either way, I have a new T. Didn't cost much either. Thanks!

    Went and googled...yep! Much more the likeness of what I have. Thanks again!
  4. SpiderDad61

    SpiderDad61 Arachnoknight

    Nice markings. Cool
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