Barn spider made a 2nd eggsac, 5 weeks after the first


Feb 23, 2010
I've never heard of a barn spider making more than one eggsac - primarily because they tend to expire after laying their eggs, don't they? Anyway, my little survivor girl (and I mean that in all ways possible - she was missing two legs and had a wound on her abdomen when I brought her inside) laid her first eggsac almost 5 weeks ago and did another one today. Any thoughts?

BTW, I have no idea how long it normally takes for the eggsacs to hatch, but is there any was to know if it is fertile, or is it just a waiting game? <got up to look> ...actually... never mind. I just looked at the sac with a flashlight and there are definitely babies moving around in there. Do you suppose the mom made the second eggsac for her hatchlings to feed on?