Banned Species, Sri Lankan, Indian Pythons

Ian P Campbell

Feb 11, 2013
I am fortunate to work with an adult 1.1 pair of Sri Lankan Pythons.
A young 1.1 pair of Indian Rock Pythons. Beautiful pythons...
These are very rare.
Banned Python species... Just like the Sri Lankan Poecilotheria.
I do not know when the ban happened (I was born in 95). It has been long enough for there to be little to no unrelated bloodlines. With no new bloodlines... bloodlines in general in-breeding will destroy them in the years to come....
With things like this... The more recent ban on the Sri Lankan Poecilotheria. It will be important to breed... have colonies for the future.
Importation changes....
Green Anacondas... Emperor Scorpions. Tokay Geckos are moving up... Many more examples....
It is always a good idea to establish CB projects. Anything could happen!
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