Ball python morph??


Old Timer
Oct 20, 2006
At the pet store I work at we got a lot of ball pythons... and one of them has a lot of black markings on the labial scales, I've never seen anything like it before, and I remember reading somewhere that a certain morph had that characteristic but I can't remember exactly what... it's a very pretty ball, with greenish eyes, could it be pastel? It's not strikingly pastel otherwise it would have not been sent to us as a normal.

Are the black markings around the mouth indicitive of being a morph or could it just be random?

Mushroom Spore

Old Timer
Oct 14, 2005
Most likely it's "just" a normal. Natural patterns can vary wildly, although many unscrupulous sellers will take the slightest difference in a normal and proceed to declare it a super-rare morph so they can milk people for a few hundred or thousand bucks for a $45 snake. This results in a lot of confusion for everyone, wondering what is and isn't a morph.

If it isn't *noticeably* different in some drastic way, I'd say it's a normal, albeit a pretty one.