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Aug 5, 2002
Hey All,

Well, was out back enjoying a good cigar when I got the urge to "hunt" a little... went and got some glass jars and a paper funnel I made and poked around a bit. Uncovered three or four Scutigera coleoptera under some rocks near the house... WOW are those guys fast. Those longer-than-life legs must translate directly into added speed... they ran so fast I could barely see them! Managed to catch one, but he was a little guy (1/2") and it would have been too hard to care for him right now... also managed to snag a Lithobius forficatus hanging out under a rock. He ducked into a tunnel when I turned the rock over, but I simply took the pickle jar I was holding and scooped about 2" of dirt out from under him! He is pretty good sized... 1-1/8" to 1-1/4"... not bad for a northern species. I'm going to drop a pinhead in there today or tomorrow and see what happens. Also going to try to transfer him to a large container han the baby food jar I have him in right now...

Anyway, good times... went "hunting" in the Forest Preserve that butts up to our housing development and didn't find any pedes, but saw a lot of wolf spiders... also found a salamander and a Grey Fox!

hehe... that's all for now... I'll let you know if the Stone pede eats or not...

EDIT> woo hoo Arachnosquire....
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Aug 21, 2002
did alittle hunting myself yesterday got
1 brown snake
1 gartersnake
4 jumping spiders
8 unknown wolf spiders
2 orb web weavers
3dz field crickets(for a breeding project)
1 very large common scutigera