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Back By Popular Demand ArachnoChat

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Travis K, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Back By Popular Demand... ArachnoChat

    OK, so due to some moderation issue and some bugs, the old channel broke/is defunct.

    I decided to make my own Channel and in choosing the name I have, due to suggestions form AB users, decided to stick with Arachnochat.

    The official channel designation is ##arachnochat and it is on the Freenode IRC server. Please see my new updated nick for log in link and channel name.

    There really is only one rule in the Channel, no bullying/harassing. Other than tha feel free to chat about T, scorps, roaches, and anything else for that matter.

    HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! Come in and say hello.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
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  2. donniedark0

    donniedark0 Arachnoknight Active Member

    Awesome Travis! Thank you =D
  3. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Your welcome.

    FYI, the channel is brand new and some people don't know about it yet. If you hop on tonight I will be AFK but feel free to keep it open or check back tomorrow.
  4. Philth

    Philth N.Y.H.C. Arachnosupporter

    I just chatted with myself for about a minute, good times.

    Later, Tom
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  5. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    LOL, I am on typically from 8-5, M-F, PST. the channel will grow we just need more new peeps to fill it up.
  6. I'm the only one in chat right now. If you're bored swing on in and say hello
  7. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    trailblazin02 and I are both in chat. Stop by and say Hi.
  8. If you've got some free time stop into the new chat room. Ask questions, share knowledge, or just come say hello and spark up a conversation. Let's get this new chat rolling and start having some regular chatters stop in on a daily basis
  9. tebs

    tebs Arachnopeon

    wat is dis?!?!?!
  10. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Dis is your life......:bored:

    Dis is your life on ##Arachnochat!:cool::mask::alien::mask::cool:
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  11. Happy Friday tarantula lovers! Swing into chat and say hello today if you have some spare time. Talk to fellow keepers and other animal lovers in chat.
    We're slowly gaining new regulars that chat on a daily basis
  12. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    The new chat is picking up lots of steam. Hope some more of you can stop in and say hello.
  13. TGIF! Stop on into the new chat and say hello. Its a Friday free for all chat about anything and everything. You'll be happy you finally did
  14. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Slow day today, come in and tell me your life story.
  15. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Are there any fellow Imgurians out there? Come say hello in the land of IRC.
  16. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    So summer is winding down and old school IRC is ramping up. Stop by and say hello :D
  17. Austin S.

    Austin S. Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Signed on to say hi.... hmmm...
  18. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Come back again Austin S.
  19. gypsy cola

    gypsy cola Arachnoknight

    I'll say hello when I get to work, on the chat. Which is graveyard shift. So hello to myself
  20. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    Most the activity is during work hours M-F, but if you are available later on hang out in there and maybe you will find that someone else pops in around the same time.
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