Babycurus Jacksoni in a communal setup – How to do it right?


Feb 22, 2014
Update: The seller of these first two female Jacksonis warned me for having two females in the same terrarium. The females are so territorial that it will not work he told me. And the seller is not an amateur, rather a pro. (BTW there has not been as easy as I thought to find adult or subadult Jacksonis in Europe. These 4 are the ones that has been available.)

A bit confusion at first, but I chose to trust the information from You guys here. And look at the picture. Pardon the poor cell phone quality, but I think You get the point. It is not the first time I saw this. And there are 9 hideouts to choose from.

At the end of the next week two more females are about to arrive. 3 – 4 more hideouts will be added and there will be crickets available for the scorps. If there is anything important to consider when adding new members to the two already there, please let me know. Your opinions are much appreciated.
Not sure what that seller was talking about, but the males are usually the territorial ones. As a side note, I would try to release them next to a hide where a scorpion isn't. Seems like youv'e got a great setup though.


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Nov 30, 2009
Hi everyone.
Would someone know if Babycurus is strictly a climber like Tityus or can they also be found wondering in the ground litter in nature?
I've found they prefer to hide under ground litter/cling to it, upside down, while its on the ground. I have provided both for them in the past


Apr 17, 2016
Last update and a lesson learned: Got two more Babycurus Jacksoni females (i6) by mail last Friday. (Two were already in the terrarium.) The newcomers arrived in separate small plastic cans filled with moistened paper. I lifted the whole paper clumps up and put them in the terrarium with the scorps on top of them, both holding on and pressing themselves against the clumps.

Perhaps I should have seen it coming. The two scorps on top of their own paper clump side by side. Then one of them, slightly larger, climbed down and started walking on the ground just beneath the clump with its sibling on, when the scorp on top suddenly moved and made the clump tip over so she fell down, right at the one just passing by! The result –Not surprisingly?– was instant aggression and threatening to sting with tails up. Fortunately the smaller one backed down into a nearby hide. But it was like they had found their antagonists. Each time they came near each other after that they showed this aggression.

I was surprised by the aggression even after the situation with the ambush, which was nowhere to be seen in the Gigas couple. My question is: Was it just the fall that caused this aggression or are Jacksoni more aggressive then Gigas? Whichever it was of course an idiotic mistake by me.

To my relief all four scorps seemed to be alive in their hideouts the following morning and still appear to be. Thanks for reading!