Baby pictures aww


Old Timer
Jul 1, 2004
Seeing as how I haven't had a good look in my millipede tank for ages I decided to have a root about tonight and found loads of lovely little wriggly babies. I think I've identified 3 different types so now the fun begins waiting on them getting big enough to show adult colouration. The first ones I have are these...

I'm not entiery sure but they most resemble something sold to me as "American Orange" which I bought two years ago. I still have all the adults and witnessed them mating a lot but I didn't realise the females were laying.

Here's an adult

These I'm sure are African Olives (Spirostreptidae sp. 2) could be wrong, it has been known to occur.


I really rather hope these turn out to be the big black shiny pink legged animals J morningstar had (still has maybe). I bought a few adults this summer but they seemed to die fairly quickly. I know my females laid masses of eggs though.

Baby group shot awwwwww :lol: