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Baboon Ts that DONT burrow 99.9% of their life?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Jared781, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    I am very interested in Baboons, as most of us are, yet i havnt come across one that doesnt need a burrow to live!

    so.. WHAT are some Baboons that are relatively in the open most of the time!??

    Thanks ahead of time!!
  2. If you haven't come across one that doesn't need a burrow to live then no offense but what's the point in the thread a burrow must be a staple in their lifestyle
  3. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    does not help me out at all but thanks for the "advice"
  4. Hmm if you read between the lines it will help... Basically a burrow is staple to the lifestyle a happy baboon will spend majority of its time in its burrow... Not to come Across as a dick but you didn't read what I was implying
  5. Rabid538

    Rabid538 Arachnoknight

    Well, H. maculata are classified as arboreal. Regardless, they stay hidden most of the time. The only time mine act arboreal is at night.
    I don't think you are going to find a baboon that is in the open all the time.
  6. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    I understood what you meant, but there has to be one that doesnt hide!
  7. Lopez

    Lopez Arachnoking Old Timer

    Why does there?
  8. Nerri1029

    Nerri1029 Chief Cook n Bottlewasher Old Timer

    I see MANY of my Baboons... But they are in a room all their own and there's little 'distraction' from outside their enclosures.

    that said.. ALL my E. pachypus hide like it's their job, and I rarely see my C. crawshayi without a flashlight.

    but I have plenty of Ceratogyrus and Pterinochilus T's that just lay out waiting for meals.
  9. Zoltan

    Zoltan Cult Leader

    Ok, enough with the baboon jokes, he wrote "baboon Ts" in the thread title.

    "Baboon Ts that DONT burrow 99.9% of their life?"

    Most of mine don't burrow 99.9% of their life, it's more like 0.01%: they create a burrow then they don't burrow anymore. Although there are, of course, exceptions, like one of my P. muticus which frequently "remodels" - rearranges the substrate creating and abandoning burrows (the other one doesn't do this). But really, none of the African species will burrow 99.9% of their life. Now, staying inside the burrow is a different thing altogether-- but I see most of my African species frequently.

    It's called Pelinobius muticus now: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?190803 :)
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2012
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  10. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    thanks for the knowledgable answer
  11. Wiggles92

    Wiggles92 Arachnopeon

    My C. darlingi sling sits at the mouth of its burrow 90% of the time during the day and spends most of the night meandering around its vial.
  12. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    ok.. now which Baboon (in your opinion) is the most active?

    species breakdown time :p
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2012
  13. Rob1985

    Rob1985 This user has no status. Old Timer

    I would say about the most open and active "baboon T's" are the Pterinochilus genus. Are you interested in trying to find one to keep or did you ask this just b/c you curious?
  14. Jared781

    Jared781 Arachnobaron

    a little bit of both!... i am very interested in the species and just planning acquiring one in the near future!
    It will be a little while.. therefore ill have tons of time to study!

    Thanks Wiggs
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 4, 2012
  15. Tarac

    Tarac Arachnolord

    Me too (Pternochilus), they just hang out, basking on the web near one of their many escape openings. One doesn't even disturb that easily, I'm starting to suspect it's standing its ground and would nail me if I were dumb enough to stick my hand in there with it.

    I just got I. mira which is reputed to be a serious pet hole. But the toes are so nice...

    I like to have some representatives of each major habit anyway- some reclusive, some pet rocks, some pet holes, flighty arboreals, shy arboreals, everything else in between. For me, it's more enjoyable to have a range of habits than it is to have 1000 variations on the same theme. Pet holes are under-rated IMO. Besides, when they are sneaking around at night you feel it's more of a treat then seeing your Rosie has turned 180 degrees in the past month, lol.
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