B. vagans sling feeding question...


Jan 23, 2017
This is my first T and I just got him on Friday. He's 1/2" and he ate half a small cricket on Saturday. I read slings should be fed every few days and I had an extra cricket that I froze and I just dropped it in his enclosure (it's now Tuesday). I dropped it in a corner he burrowed out but he's been hanging out mostly in a little burrow he made under his cork bark. I realize it's probably best to drop his prey at the entrance of his burrow, but in order to drop it there, I'd have to move the cork bark and I don't want to ruin his burrow or startle him. So should I leave the cricket in his corner or should I try to move the cork bark? He's in the spiderling enclosure from Jamie's Tarantulas and the cork bark takes up about half of the enclosure. He doesn't look like he's in premolt (from what I can tell). Thanks!


Jan 28, 2016
You don't need to drop the prey right at the entrance of it's enclosure. They can find it if they want to eat. Depending on the size of the cricket it ate it may not be hungry. Usually when they eat half of a prey item they have filled up all they can and left the scraps. This means they can go longer than if you just fed them a prey item of the correct size. You can cut the corkbark if it's too big.
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cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
Keep in mind though that at small sizes, it doesn't take much to fill them up, so they may only eat a few times between molts...sometimes only once if the prey is larger.