B. Vagans Mated!


Old Timer
Jan 13, 2003

I am WAY TOO TOTALLY JAZZED! I spoke to the friend I got my B. vagans (M and F) from and she said just before I got them, he had spun a sperm web and was cocked, loaded and ready to fire. So, just to get them better acquainted, I put “Rhett” in “Scarlett’s” enclosure. Not 5 minutes later he was right on top of things and SHE WAS RECEPTIVE!!! She even reached around him with all 8 legs and “hugged” him several times. THERE REALLY ARE 8 LEGGED HUGS!

This is my first ever attempt at mating. I watched the whole thing with fascination, it was a major miracle happening right in front of my eyes! WOW! I went through the whole chapter in both of the “bibles” and they made this big deal about privacy, quiet, etc. I put them on the coffee table and my husband was talking and my son was causing a ruckus, but that didn’t stop MY big man! I certainly didn’t expect them to mate on the first try!

So, when he spins another sperm web, should I put them together again? Would she be receptive if she wasn’t mature? If it took, how long before she lays? I’m totally nervous and excited, this is all new to me. Nixy, I need some of your soothing words!! How in the H-E-DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS do I wait for some sign of gravidity before I lose my marbles?!?

BTW-I had to brag about never being pooped on... I was holding Rhett after the love fest and telling him what a big studley man he was and he responded... by pooping in my hand. I am now part of the poop club.


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
(Does the happy skippy studly leggy guy does the job dance)
Good luck and I hope you get a nice fat sack out of it!
Keep us posted.
Are you planning on letting him go back for another round to make sure the deeds done?