B. Hamorii sling not eating after molt


Mar 10, 2023
Hey guys, I recently picked up my very first sling on the 2nd of March. They’re a B Hamorii species. They molted on March 9th and haven’t ate. I’m aware it takes them time because their exoskeleton needs to harden. It’s been almost 2 weeks, this Thursday will mark 2

The other day I noticed their color looking darker so I figured now it’d be a good time to feed them, but still nothing! It’s been like 2 hours since the cricket has been in its hide. They haven’t even cared for the cricket!

I will note that I recently downsized their enclosure because people on here on a different thread was telling me to downsize the enclosure. Let me know what you think.

Here’s some pics: C9F265D7-11DB-4612-B7E0-7C15972593F2.jpeg 28FF4D29-FE34-4443-9407-4AD9B289A1F5.jpeg C3903279-49E2-47CC-B120-70E631FBF036.jpeg

I’ll show you before I noticed their color changed and after.

Before: 30919BA6-CB4A-454F-BB02-E278F7429533.jpeg

After I noticed: 0CFB73BE-A109-4027-B0D5-2F95500A9546.jpeg

*I have bad vision so maybe there isn’t a change in color, but figured I’d mention it because even my boyfriend said he looks slightly darker*



Apr 4, 2021
I have not kept Brachypelma but have kept for two years Grammostola species that are housed in similarly dry environments.

Your T will eat when it is ready. The abdomen still seems to be fine, based on the pictures. Water is important.

Your enclosure looks fine, height maybe a bit too much, but not sure. Plenty of air holes - maybe too many - so keep an eye on the water dish.

My personal thought is to change the hide and provide your T with more coverage. Right now it really can’t hide. Perhaps cork bark.The downside for you as a keeper is that the T could barricade itself in there for long periods of time. But that is nature.

But before you make wholesale changes, wait to see what others suggest.


Arachnosupporter +
Jan 17, 2020
Its abdomen is extremely plump therefor it does not need to eat! You don't need to eat when you are full either! Its not going to need to eat until after it molts and then not very quickily afterwards either. Now it is time to sit back and wait