B. albopilosum slings from Holley update


Old Timer
Sep 10, 2002
well....last week my curly hair slings started moulting into their 9th instar......i got one out yesterday and measured it.....i was suprised that it was about 2 5/8 inches (a little over 2 and a half inches) from the tip of the front left leg to the tip of the right rear leg.....
i am not sure if this is the correct way to measure a T but oh well.....
I tried feeding all of the slings adult crickets for the first time last night and i was suprised that all of them were able to wrestle the crickets into submission!!!....i even tried a meal worm on one of them after it ate its cricket...and it was able to wrestle that too!!!
i guess i underestimated the little buggers!!!!
I was pleasantly suprised when i put the little spider down on the cherry finish coffee table and it really made the "curly" hairs stand out....i didnt realize they were so hairy when i looked at them in their deli cups or on my hand.....

i will try to get a pic or two up of one of them soon.......
i guess i will save the sheds from the next moult and send them to Kelly Swift to be sexed..... then let the trading commence...i am going to trade most of them for other species i am interested in....i already have some Usambaras lined up for a trade for two of them......and hopefully i can talk the local petstore into getting a B. smithi to trade for 3 of them or so......
what are the rest of you planning on doing with your curly slings once they get bigger??