Avicularia temperature


Feb 24, 2011
Hi guys,

As I've been warned, once I got one I'd have to get more. I have a G.rosea named Cinnamon at the moment in a 5-5.3 ish gal kritter keeper and she's all set and fine. I've been looking at the Avic. species and I hear all sorts of differences in what temperatures they should/could be kept at. I've heard some people say that room temp (min is probably alittle over 72 maybe?) is fine and others saying 80 - 85 is best or 75 -85 is best, or How dare you, it has to be 82! So what do you guys think? Would they be o.k. at the room temp I have or should I consider some way to get it warmer.

To be honest I can't heat up my room because I like it room temp with plenty of air flow (I use a fan but the fan is never pointed at Cinnamon, she's in a nice normal room temp spot with all the stuff she needs.)
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Nov 1, 2010
Room temp is fine. My Avicularia avicularia adult is in my living room which is usually between 75-77f, and my versicolor slings are in my office which gets a bit warmer.