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Avicularia minatrix


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Apr 6, 2005
Female #1 has been bred and is building eggsac.

Female #2

Success: To be determined


Introduced to female #2 at 4:00pm (CST)
Witnessed mating at 4:15 (CST)
Both are cohabiting at 4:30 (CST)
Witnessed mating at 4:45 (CST)
Both are cohabiting at this point in time. They seem to be resting together

Both females being kept at 73-75 degrees (F) and at 50% humidity with plenty of ventilation.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Aug 19, 2009
Lost most of my records....
Received a MM A.minatrix in December/January,and paired him with 2 freshly molted 3.5 inch females.Females were fed 2 medium crickets every other day.Started to notice heavy webbing 3 weeks after pairing,and one female decided to molt.At this point I thought the 2nd female was going to molt as well,but on Feb 1st we noticed her rolling a small sack.Sack was pulled on Feb 21st and was still all eggs.Over the next 2 weeks all except 5 became ewl's and then 1st instar.As of yesterday they have all started to molt to 2nd instar,55 days after sack production.Total # is 27-2nd instar.Our other female has been re-paired and appears quite gravid,so hopefully I will be updating this thread soon.Temps ranged from 73f-81f,humidity around 60%