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Avicularia laeta


Oct 12, 2010
The size of the spider - 4cm - 5cm

How the bite occurred - i was taking out an eaten cricket, and she ran up the tweezers and onto my finger, she bit 3 times, i watched her do it once, then i thought to just carry on and get her back.. The fact she was biteing me and i saw these fangs go in and out, did not bother me in the slightest... my main concern was her and getting her back into her home ;P

What type of physical damage was caused
- a few little holes, nothing special

What symptoms you experienced - mild stinging, pins n needles in the tips of my fingers... numbness around the center of my hand

What medical attention you received if any - None

Any lingering effects from the bite - abit tender at the bite site, but nothing worth worrying about, although tender, i can bite it my self, and not cause any issues (pain ect)