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Avicularia juruensis

Fear Not Tarantulas

Fear Not Tarantulas
Arachnosupporter +
Aug 30, 2013
I purchased a pair of females and one male from fuzzyavics (Chris) the beginning of November, 2014.

Female 1: Last molt date given: 5/5/2014.
Female 2: Last molt date was unknown I believe.
Male: matured 9/28/14. **Note- a couple of people asked me about this male and I had forgotten he was already mature when I got him. **

Female 2 was more receptive than female 1, so she was paired first on 12/16/14, 12/29/14, and 12/22/14. She then molted on 1/11/15.

Female 1 was paired on 12/25/14 during which the inserts lasted several minutes. The second pairing was on 1/1/15 during which another clear good insert was observed. No aggression was observed from the female during the first pairings. I attempted another paring on 1/5/15 but the female was very aggressive with the male, so I removed him.

Female was kept at 75 – 80 degrees.

2/9/15 Sac was found.
3/9/15 Pulled the sac to find larger than average 1st instars. There were only two bad eggs found.
4/3/15 Molted into 2nd instars.
Final count found at separation: 133

These slings took a little longer to start feeding, but other than that have been easy to care for.

Juruensis egg sac.jpg Juruensis egg 2.jpg Avicularia juruensis slings.jpg juruensis sling.jpg juruensis male 3.jpg