Avicularia in the Tahuayo Reserve


Jun 14, 2010
This January, I got the privielge to go on a college trip to Peru. While seeing among other places Lima, Cuzco (I got to try cuy), the best part to me was getting to visit Amazonia. We stayed at the Tauhayo lodge and the Amazon Research Center. While there, I got the oppurtunity to photograph these big beauties. Regretabbly, I didn't have anything to give them a sense of scale. I can tell you, however, that the tarantula in the second two pics would have fit in the palm of my hand, while the one in the second was as large as my whole hand, maybe larger, as I recall. My bets are on the first being a rather old Avic. I was curious if these were A. avicularia, or something else (FULLY aware how unreliable photo ID can be)? Not sure if this is the right forum, but this wasn't a tarantula oriented field trip so...

Also, out of curioisty, the guide said that this was one of two Tarantula species present in the reserve. The other is apparently a pinkish terrestrial species. Any idea what this species could be? It HAS been several months, so I might be remembering it wrong, but I'm pretty sure he described the second species as pinkish.



Old Timer
Feb 2, 2008
Looks like A. sp. ''peru purple'' to me too. Exactly the same sp. that I've found in Pacaya-Samiria Reserve in Peru.

They are amazing large Avicularia species!