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Avicularia huriana


Old Timer
Jul 17, 2002
* Any special care or preliminary notes for the lovers -

The female was well fed prior to the male's introduction. He was a fresh male, and a bit nervous. He had already made his first sperm web.
* How they were paired -

11/4/03-I introduced the male into the female's enclosure. Her container is very unusual, and because of this, it would have been difficult to impossible to try the mating another way.
* Any observations on the hookup -

The male sucessfully inserted both palps one time, then ran away. I actually left him in overnight, but as he was going on to another female, I took him out before he could make a snack. I attempted 2 other times by introducing the male, but there was no interest on the female's part. She just ignored him and wouldn't leave her tube web. I sent the male off to the next person, and then he came back to me for one last try. Meanwhile, the other female had made a sac, but mine had not. 2-24-04- When he came back, I just let them cohabitate. It lasted 3 days, on the 3rd day, she was eating the male.
* Any special post mating care -

I fed the female as much as she would eat, I did not change temps or any other special care.

* Time to sac -

I found the female with an eggsac on 4-16-04

* Care of the sac -

I removed the sac on the 30th day, there were post embryos inside. There were over 100 eggs and post embryos combined.

* Time to emerge/hatch -

MOST of the eggs did NOT develop. They looked good, no mold or anything unusual, but also no growth. I separated the post embryos from the eggs, and incubated them separately. None of the eggs that had not developed, developed any further. I ended up with 25 first intar slings. Out of those, there were quite a few that were stuck together. I carefully separated them with my fingers, and tweezers. They started molting into 2nd instar on 6-8-04. Out of 25, 22 of them made it to second instar. 2 died, with one attempting to molt, and the other had a funny color and was in the death curl. The 3rd is still alive, but not molting. I am considering euthanizing it.

* The final details -

Out of an eggsac with approximately 120 eggs, 22 of them have made it to healthy 2nd instars. I don't know if removing the eggsac from the mother at the time that I did resulted in more losses, or if they would have all died had I not removed it.