Avicularia care


Nov 23, 2021
@Linzc79 , you seem like a good one. Do stick around :)
Lol thank you I plan to! Now that I have become obsessed with the pets I originally bought for my sons, I'm quite happy learning everything I can about them. Years ago I worked in a store with T's never had my own until now, I want more of them just need to do my research first 😊


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Jan 13, 2022
I actually came to arachnoboard because it was recommended as a reliable source for proper information like this regarding T care other than just googling because in doing so I've come across various different information. Also WHY I stated that this may have been asked before but I haven't figured out how to navigate this site and there is NO HARM in asking. So if this is only for people who know all about them then I'll take my questions elsewhere 🤷‍♀️ usually it makes more sense to ask people with experience than to read everything you see online ESPECIALLY when not all information is the same everywhere

Lol that's what I'm waiting for.... I guess you can say their "forever home" is already on its way to being set up they just need to be big enough to go inside lol just need them to make it that far 😅
Don’t worry too much about it, sometimes the responses to newbies can be harsh and not nice, but there’s plenty of people that are willing to help and not just offer sarcasm :)