Australian spider with a tail!


Old Timer
Jul 1, 2007
Hello all! I'm fairly new to the board and I have had an interest in spiders for a long time. What I really like is going for walks and discovering a real 'gem' of a spider that you would rarely see. On one such occasion, several years ago, I did photograph such a 'gem' in the botanical gardens in Adelaide, South Australia. This is one of those unusual spiders that has a tail and it was in a web suspended from a cactus.

At the time, I had trouble identifying the spider with the books that I have in my collection but by the third book, I had positively identified it. That was a while ago though and Ive forgotten the species name. However, you could all show off your knowledge and have a competitive game of identifying it yourselves! I don't have the technical know-how of how to insert a photo within a post but Ive uploaded the image on to a photo sharing website.