Australian Selenotholus sp. in 3D (stereo)


Old Timer
Dec 21, 2003
hi guys and girls,

been a while since i dropped by with some pics..

the amateur photographer in me has been very active lately, and i learnt a new technique so i have a little something different for you all to view (if you can get it to work that is...) .. well maybe not different, was different for me though!

the idea with these is cross your eyes until the 2 pictures blur into 3 pictures... then relax your eyes and let them focus on the middle image...
if you can't get them to work after a few mins, try again later... try save them and open them with a picture viewer with them in the middle so the screen isn't so cluttered so your eyes know what to focus on.. i seem to view them better if i close my eyes and then open them out of focus.. it just seems to happen best for me that way..

good luck!!! lemme know what you think...* ;)

i'll get some more happening when my t's are being more photo friendly..