Suggestion Australia classifieds (etc)


Apr 13, 2020
There are only a handful of Australian members on here unfortunately, such as me and @RezonantVoid, and even fewer active members. I feel like some support for Australian hobbyists would help bring more Australians here, it's a bit sad that there's pretty much no-one on here


Arachnoboards Team
Staff member
Jan 11, 2004
Not sure what further support you are looking for.

There is already an Asia-Pacific geographical forum, as well as an Asia-Pacific category in the Classifieds. In order to see the geographical Classifieds, one has to be a member of the geographical forum.

Please see this tutorial on how to join a geographical forum:

As for the number of Australian members, while we feel there are more than "a handful", we can neither force them to join nor can we force them to participate. :)


Hollow Knight
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Jan 7, 2018
I kinda have to agree with Arachnopets. There are provisions in place already for Australasia members, but it's just that not many members use them. The overwhelming majority of
the Australian invertebrate trade takes place in FB and messenger, which are easier and quicker to use to exchange photos/info than an internet forum. Even with a fair bit of advertising for the Asia Pacific classifieds, I don't see many keepers being willing to switch from FB/messenger to arachnoboards when many of them have done it for years and are used to it.

Plus there's now numerous webshops for Aussie inverts such as the OP's own one (fantastic site if I say so myself ;)). All in all, there's a large enough variety of well established Aussie invert vendors to keep many from seeing the need to advertise or buy from here