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ATK Aquatics - Hillsboro, OR


Oct 29, 2010
No, they don't have any tarantulas; they arrived in October and have been working on becoming fully operational since then. I want them to succeed

I want them to succeed, so I'm posting here to try and "boost the signal". It would be great to have a decent independent aquarium shop in this part of town (Washington county, Oregon).

The store is run by the "PDX Fish Guy" of Portland, OR. He has a very good reputation, and when I walked into the new store today I was fairly impressed. He also does fish rescues, and has a number of larger fish in the (still developing, although nearly completed) store. He currently has a fairly wide range of freshwater animals and is working on setting up some tanks with marine animals, plus he has a coral frag tank set up now.

If anyone on arachnoboards lives in the area and keep fish or is interested in trying, give these guys a chance! We need better independent shops around here (the only good ones are in Portland or south of Portland).