Assassin bug ID request(Ontario, Canada)


Jun 27, 2007
Hey ppls,

I found 2 what I believe to be assassin bugs in and or around my house in mid-late July and would like to confirm that they truly are assassins.
The 1st one I found inside my house on a wall near a light source and I am 100% sure that this is an assassin bug as I have fed it numerous crickets already. The second one I found climbing my window screen on the outside and had her with me for about 2 weeks before she died. While I had her with with me she didn't seem interested in the cricket I put in her enclosure and so I thought she was a vegetarian and died due to lack of food, but she had all the looks of an assassin and looked very similar to my black assassin(minus the fact that she had longer front legs and little spikes on her back). She was the same size as the black assassin and had the characteristic beak of an assassin bug. I didn't pay too much attention to her after she died and just let the body lay in its enclosure for another week. Then when I finally decided to clean out the enclosure today to my surprise I discovered that she lay an egg cluster before she died. It was attached to the cover of the container so that only when I opened it and was about to wash it off I saw about 36 small see through nymphs hiding out there. Could it be that she didn't eat the cricket because she was getting ready to lay the eggs or could this really be a vegetarian under-cover?

Anyways here is a picture of the bug I believe to be mine. This is not my picture but one I found on google images. It looks 99% like mine and I have no camera with me atm. She is about half an inch in body length and bright green in colour. The nymphs like I said are clear and about 1 eighth in body length.

thanks in advance,

Chinese Dragon
p.s. what should I feed the nymphs if it turns out to be an assassin bug? Fruit flies?