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Art Cerda's Midwest Exotic PetCenter (http://www.midwestexoticpetcenter.com)


chuck clay

Art Cerda - <artcerda@cs.com> - Midwest Exotic Pets


hello arachnopets, i have recently purchased a B.Smithi from art cerda and his service, prices, and selections are great! The B.Smithi is my first and only Tarantula and Art has been very helpful in advising me in the T's care. His email is artcerda@cs.com. When i recieved my T the next day the T was healthy and safe, no worries. I live 1800miles away from him and i was surprised and very pleased with how this T was packed and delievered. If anyone is looking for a good... no, great dealer art is your man.

Thomas Booher


my name is tom i live in cleveland i have had t's most of my life and i am always looking for more to and to my collection i came across this ad for t's but was very untrusting because i have been ripped off more than i would like to say but when i talked with art and got the feel of what he is about i ordered 3 of his t's and beleave me when i say they are the greatest i have seen in awhile he called to tell me when they shipped and called when they got to me and i lost one of the baby t's and without asking how or why art took care of me!!!!!!!!! i would tell anyone that might want any t's because he can get a wide selection to order from him he is kind and sticks by his word he's posted on kingsnake.com and i have ordered 3 more from he just a day ago so give him a look and i am telling you! you will not be disapointed keep up the great work art i will be talking to you soon!!!!! :) :) :)


Old Timer
Jul 17, 2002

I would like to add my positive rating to Art Cerda as well.
Great email communication, and he was happy to wait till it was convenient for both of us on the shipping.
Tarantula as advertised (maybe a bit larger), packed very well, and healthy.
I would definately buy from Art again