Argh!!!!! MITES!!!!


Jun 10, 2010
Damn, I just found mites covering the mealworm in my b.boehmei container.
Yesterday I cut a mealworm and feed it to my newly bought boehmei, it was fine then. But today as i check back the boehmei, there was mites. My boehmei was around 1cm LS.luckily they did not munch on my boehmei yet.
This is the 1st time I ever saw mites on any container.

Can anyone tell me that if they grows fast??I mean they migrate to another container??Yesterday I check they were as usual,I check all other container on top view but they look fine.Do I really need to dig on all container to make sure??

BTW, I already change the substrate of the boehmei container.:wall: