Archispirostreptus gigas hatched with two rear ends


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Oct 11, 2012
I've been looking at the dozen or so Archispirostreptus eggs I collected from the substrate of the adult cage and they seem to hatch into a crescent-shaped developmental stage, molt to get a head with visible eyes and nubs destined to become legs and antennae, and then molt a third time to become more millipede-like with very few legs, but the ability to move around and eat.

Today, I checked on them and found one that molted past the crescent-shaped stage and to my surprise, it seems to have two rear ends. I can't tell if it has one normal head or if it's like a case of conjoined twins with the head and thoracic area being the connection point. It looks like the head is normal, the collum is normal, and then it branches into two.

I apologize if the picture isn't very clear. I don't own a camera and only have my iPhone for all my pictures.


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Jul 23, 2016
I would guess it is conjoined twins - will be interesting to see how it develops.


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May 27, 2005
When I read the "two rear ends" it reminded me of one of my favorite jokes.

The teacher asked her class "what is the meanest animal in the world"

Little Suzy raises her hand and says "a lion"
Little Billy says "A tiger"
Little Rosie says "a rattlesnake"
Little Johnny raises his hand and says "a hippogator"

The teacher says "well, I know what a lion and a tiger and a rattlesnake are but what in the world is a hippogator"

Johnny says "a hippogator is a large animal with the head or a hippopotamus on one end and the head of an alligator on the other"

The teacher asks "if it has a head on both ends how can it go to the bathroom"

"It can't" replied Johnny "that's why it so mean"

Congrats on the babies.