Arachnomedic Database --- Need Input

Paul Day

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Sep 8, 2002
I am currently in the planning stages (nothing more unless I know I can do it and do it well) of developing a database for tarantula kind which will coencide with a website I'm developing right now, codenamed "Project Vermiculite"...

I need input on what this databases purpose will be. It will be a client side database for now, but I may extend it online for statistical purpouses. But for now, I am planning on a database to keep records of hobbyist collections. Simple right? Well, I've decided to incorporate care advisement in the database so basically, you can query a spider you just bought, and find out where to get specific information on the care of the animal... so it'll save newer hobbyists time, and do the work for experienced hobbyists too lazy to make their own databases.

I am currently building a table relationship diagram, which includes the following types of data storage:

- a catalog of all the species in the hobby
- classification by genus into three groups: arboreal, terrestrial, obligate burrower
- storage for breeding attempts and loans, including a unique "reference number" attached to the male and female of the spider being bred. This will store only the latest breeding attempt, otherwise it would get rather complicated :)
- a catalog of popular dealers in the hobby
- storage of spider deaths and reasonings... including reasonings for breeding failures in the breeding table
- a generalized humidity, temperment, and substrate suggestion for each genus of tarantulas
- specific "average adult size" information for each species
- a "memo-type" datafield for people who want to store molt records
- storage of the sex of the specific spider
- designation of pet spiders by name, or a automatically generated id number
- storage of bite reports
- storage of referencing websites (specifically to mine, but will reference other sites for care advice and general information on a species level)

Again this is just brainstorming. Not a definite project, nor does it have a release date. The last time I tried to do this I got sidetracked because of my lack of knowledge in databasing, but now since I am learning Access and Oracle, I think it might actually materialize into something helpful for the hobby.



Aug 5, 2002
The last time I tried to do this I got sidetracked because of my lack of knowledge in databasing, but now since I am learning Access and Oracle, I think it might actually materialize into something helpful for the hobby.

NOTHING Beats PERL when it comes to text management! :)


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Nov 28, 2005
tarantula database

I am also looking into some type of database that i could use to track the progress of my hobby. i would also like to be able to use this in a scientific manner also i am somewhat famliar with microsoft access and have the ability to create a program using many different databases, i.e. sql etc. i develop software as a hobby and have an interest so it might be something we can colaberate on if you are interested i will draw it up and see what would work or not work.


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Jun 20, 2004
I try this for a long time but find it's osmething very difficult as it "eats" a lot of time and access to some resources are closed, limited and some are even unknown or hard to get...
It's a big compilation work, some of it I realized at my website but give-up start to describe keys to families and species and observations of theraphosids of the world listing...
Some of Your plans (data storage) also well established in the www, like Platnicks catalog or recent (not finished, cos I've found a lot of works still absent on his site) tarantulabibliography by M. Jacoby and others. As well as many other info related are provided by different Tarantula Societies...
All that You do in this way - to make some reference pages with the links but such project in whole needs a lot people with the great experience and knowledge at all realms concerning tarantula taxonomy, breeding, keeping, anatomy, etc... Otherwise, that would became trifle and just another poor-work...
And believe me - Your above "data storage" is just what to start with...
Some time ago I've found this very-very hard to do and maybe I think really impossible :(

So, the problem of all these is not concluded in knowledge of creating database but of data content...

So, good luck with it if You'll try!
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Sep 29, 2004
The problem with openly solicited data is that it's succeptable to false entries.

When someone's T dies.. They might be able to determine the cause and might just be guessing.
another : advice about humidity and water application for a certain species - WILL change with weather and with location.

The data collected should be as objective as possible.. and have very little room for opinions and impressions.

the aggregate data could be useful if collected carefully with enough variables recorded along with it. - the time between molts for example.. what are the factors that influence it?

but I don't think you know what you are getting yourself into

as was stated above this could "eat" a great deal of your time.