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Arachnoculture Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1

Discussion in 'Book and Magazine Reviews' started by Kid Dragon, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Kid Dragon

    Kid Dragon Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Sorry, but at 60 pages, this publication is a BOOK, and its going to get reviewed.

    I just got my copy today, and saying it was worth the wait is the understatement of the year.

    The Michael Jacobi's "Inner View" of Rick West was well written, and to me a highlight of the publication. He asked the questions we wanted answered. And gave answers we might not really want to hear about captive breed species, but the ecology/conservation message was a breath of fresh air, and important for an authority to speak for the Ts, since they can't speak for themselves. That one answer was worth the price of the publication...and then some.

    The cast Michael put together to make this first issue entertaining and informative is incredible. It has something for beginner through advanced hobbyist, and strikes a great balance between the two: quizzes, care and breeding information, science, species spot light...a well thought out plan executed better than many publications that are mature in their evolution.

    There were some very nice web links I didn't know about, and our very own aracnoboards.com got a plug and a half. I learned a few things about this site I didn't know.

    I won't even say for a first issue, I'll tip my hat. I'll tip my hat because of the quality, content, passion, cast of contributors, photos, and health obstacles that couldn't stop this labor of love.

    I have never met Michael Jocobi, but I understand the respect he must have in this hobby to be able to get cooperation to the magnitude he delivered in this first issue. He set the bar high, and I for one will not bet against his ability to maintain or exceed the quality of this first issue.

    I personally will order multiple copies of everything he produces. I'm not sure if I want to re-read issue #1 or frame it. If the goal was to be entertaining and educational, he hit back-to-back homeruns. This publication has my highest recommendation...but who cares what I think...tell us what you think...
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2005
  2. NoS

    NoS Arachnoknight Old Timer


    For the first issue, this is superb. Nice pictures, great articles, and a suprisingly clean lay out. I had visions of the old punk days when someone would come out with a rag. It would be a mess.
    Not this. I agree with Kid Dragon here. I almost feel like framing it.

    I feel this magazine was executed in a smart fashion. Very informative as well as very interesting. It leaves you wanting more and more. The little quizes were a nice touch.

    I would like to see more helpfull articles for new enthusiast. Some beginner articles talking about the basics. Which I understand would be a better idea for later issue once it has proven to be succesfull. I think this would attract a larger audience for sure.
    Also an article on taking care of slings.

    Those are just sugestions though.
    What you have done so far is hard to improve on.
    All I can say is :clap:

    I wanted to add that this was very professional, even down to the packaging.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2005
  3. Mendi

    Mendi Arachnowolf Old Timer


    What a great job they did on this periodical! I've read it at least 3 times, then I heard it was sold out, so I put it in a comic book bag so it won't wear out :eek: It's great having the informative articles and the fun getting to know'ya about the Arachno-Celebs

    I've ordered my next issue and am anxiously waiting !!!

    :clap: :worship: :clap: ​


    :clap: :worship: :clap: :worship: :clap: ​
  4. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Good publication overall. :clap:

    I liked the articles and the pictures were great. I have a lot of respect for Michael Jacobi putting this together and making it available to the arachnid community. I've already put in for the second edition and will buy a subscription when/if one becomes available.
  5. druid8783

    druid8783 Arachnosquire Old Timer


    Great publication, ditto to everything said above!

    I loved it. I ordered both at the same time, can't wait to get the next issue!
  6. WayneT

    WayneT Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Far out {D

    Mey Michael, what a wonderful job! :worship: Very nice publication, informative...what we need more of in this hobby.
  7. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    i recently got issue 1 and 2 and i loved them.will def subscribe soon!:D
  8. ancientscout

    ancientscout Arachnosquire

    Nice reviews but..

    It seems like a nice write up/recommendation but the most important thing you left out was for where new folks that come here can subscribe to the publication.
  9. Michael Jacobi

    Michael Jacobi RETIRED/RARELY USE AB Arachnosupporter

    VOL 1 NO 1 is sold out. VOL 1 NO 2 and VOL 1 NO 3 are currently available. VOL 1 NO 4 will be released very soon and will be quickly followed by VOL 2 NO 1. After those two issues ship there will be a short run of the sold out VOL 1 NO 1 for those who missed it.

    You may subscribe at http://www.arachnoculture.com.

    Cheers, Michael
  10. captainflem

    captainflem Arachnopeon


    :8o I can't buy these interesting books, the autor send these only in USA !
    Haaaa, i'm damned, i will cry all the night agin and again.
  11. Michael Jacobi

    Michael Jacobi RETIRED/RARELY USE AB Arachnosupporter


    I ship ARACHNOCULTURE all over the world; it's live animal sales that are limited to the US. Please visit http://www.exoticfauna.com/arachnoculture/order.html for more info. The premiere issue that is the topic of this thread is out of print, but there will be a reprint if I ever get some breathing room.

    Thanks for your interest, Michael
  12. captainflem

    captainflem Arachnopeon


    :worship: great , i have found an english shop online where i have can buy it!
    I'm happy! thanks to have learn to me these magazines!
  13. captainflem

    captainflem Arachnopeon

    to mickael

    :wall: i see your message just now mickael!
    Thanks a lot for your help but i had read on the site that i could buy the magazine on the spidershop in england ( i can see the english coast by my windows, it's true!) and so i had go quicly buy some on it.
    But i take your site on my best links !
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