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Aquatica Uk, West Yorkshire


May 6, 2007
Aquatica Review!​


At aquatica the stock is amazing. They sell every tipe of pet you can think off. They specialise in Inverts and Reptiles. The conditions are good.All the stock is healthy and well looked after. I get lots of my Pets from there!


The staff are very helpfull and are very knowolodgeable. There is always someone there to help you and show you around. There just brill.


They are located in Wakefield and are on a double 2nd floor. Its pretty big.

Overall the place is brilliant. Obveusly if you live in the us its not worth coming all the way over here to the uk!

I recommend this place to anyone who lives near. If you would like anymor einfomation, like the exact adress just personal message me :)