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Aphonopelma sp. "paysoni"


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Sep 25, 2006
kept both at 75F. both have freshly molted within the last couple months :)

male went right to work on the female, they have mated twice so far now.

female is missing leg I on her right side, but it didn't seem to matter.

will update later on :D *** see pic below!!

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Sep 11, 2005
I caught a few females and sub adult males in june of 06, near Payson Az. in july 06, again collecting near Payson I stumbled upon a fresh molted MM and although I rarely take MM,s from the wild I took him home as he was fresh molted and I had many females that I wanted to breed, I introduced him to the female after I had seen remnants of a sperm web in his enclosure, the pairing was textbook with the male drumming a bit and vibrating the female didnt drum back but just turned to him and raised up to let him do his thing, I bred him w/ 4 other females as well but only the 1 gave me a sac, 2 were sold so they may have produced but I havent been told of any others.

the female was kept @ 80 degrees f for the rest of summer and put in my shed about nov. where she stayed till april temps were generaly about 45-65 durring the day and 30-40 f at night most of this time, I kept the water dish full but did not feed durring this time and she had gained noticable weight in april when I pulled her out, inside the temps were again 80-90 f and I fed her ALOT untill she started webbing all over the enclosure about the last week of may and on the 25th she produced a sac, I left it with her for 30 days and then took it and incubated the rest of the way in a hammock style incubator, I had a near 100% hatch rate on the sac and the total sling count was 316.

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