Aphonopelma seemanni in burrow for over 6 months


Aug 6, 2014
I have a relatively large Aphonopelma seemanni that dug a long deep burrow in mid August, and has not left it since. She burrowed along the glass so I can see her relatively clearly, and I definitely find her posed different directions. She doesn't appear to have lost any bulk, but her bald spot doesn't seem to have darkened or given any signs of an impending molt.

I have attempted occasional feedings, and she has always eaten everything offered, but I've never seen her out of her burrow or even near the entrance. I trickle some water down their occasionally as well. I am hesitant to try and feed her too much though, since there is no way I could get any cricket bodies out from her burrow. I also worry that if she does end up molting, that I won't be able to snatch crickets that escape into the burrow.

I know tarantulas can last a long time on very little (and she is bulky), but I just wanted to double check if there could be anything wrong.

I'd rather ask a "noob" question about it now then wait until something seems clearly wrong.

Apart from staying in the burrow and never coming out for months, she seems "normal".

It could be that these spiders just "premolt" forever, or it could be the spider is just fine and I'm overthinking it. It may also be that these just don't leave their burrows and I should try to feed and water it normally.

Am I worrying over nothing, or should I pay closer attention?


Sep 24, 2015
id keep it like normal, maybe keep a closer eye on the crickets though.. if she hasnt lost any weight id say there nothing wrong.