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Aphonopelma hentzi


Old Timer
Apr 9, 2004
I have successfully bred a pair of Aphonopelma hentzi "Texas Brown' after the male was seen loading his pedipalps.

The mating was pretty much straight forward.

The female and male enclosures were placed along the side of one another. The male walked into the females and immediatley found her. They played a little cat and mouse for a couple minutes then the male started dumming very aggressively. This caught the females attention and she approached him.

The male lifted her up while rubbing her underside and got many insertions.

I sperated them afterwards for future breedings.



Arachno WIDOW
Old Timer
Jan 25, 2007
successful? don't know yet. maybe a couple of good insertions.

bred a pair of A. hentzi last night. female was down in burrow, male wandered over to top of burrow and drummed furiously. female came up, and after male toying with her for a couple of minutes, he bent her back and rubbed her underside for a long time. saw 1 quick insertion, she didn't like it. he kept going at it, pushed her in burrow and i could not see any other insertions, but he had her bent back pretty good. then all of a sudden she got real angry, so he backed out and came up. separated them for future breeding.

room slightly dark, temp around 70. introduced male into females terrarium and waited for about 30 min. he found burrow and they went at it. hmmm, i think that's about all for specifics.