Aphonopelma Hentzi eggs / slings incubator


Jul 6, 2016

So it's not easy to tell from the picture, but inside my incubator I have these two separate "incubators" / surfaces for the eggs / slings. One of them is about an inch shorter than the other one and I'm wondering if condensation / humidity will prefer one to the other?

This is also an update to my original post. I've lost lots of eggs, some seemed to have mold while others seemed to just look dead or dried up, but most of the eggs with legs appear to me in good shape, and I've gotten to witness a few others transform into eggs with legs also!

Most of the eggs with legs are on the lower incubator. I wanted to separate the healthy looking ones from the ones I thought were risking contamination, and I'm glad because it seems like most of the deaths have been coming from the higher, original incubator surface. A lot of the eggs with legs are wiggling their little legs around and that always gives me some peace of mind to know they aren't all just dead haha.