Aphonopelma chalcodes "New River" vs Aphonopelma chalcodes "Arizona Blonde"


Mar 22, 2015
I like the peachy blush of the New River and the way the color extends down onto the feet. They're both pretty, but the New River has the details.

Exoskeleton Invertebrates

Old Timer
Jun 17, 2007
Come on y'all, they're slight variations of the same species. They are BOTH ARIZONA BLONDES! It's like saying Miss Texas and Miss Hawaii don't belong in the same beauty pageant because they aren't the same species.

If we get too twee about localities, we're going to start being compared to those grey banded kingsnake fascistas! Won't breed a snake that came from one road cut to a snake that came from the next road cut a mile up the road! Total elitist nutters, and meanwhile the captive gene pool closes in narrower and narrower.

I bred my really beautiful male that I picked up in the driveway of our house in New River to a stunning female that the plumber unearthed in front of my dorm in Sedona, and the babies are gorgeous! And no, they aren't hybrids. 80 miles, two mountain ranges, and 3500 feet of elevation may eventually lead to a chalcodes species deviation, but we're millenia from that point right now. We just grow 'em extra pretty in New River--what else need be said? :happy:
Man you’re kind of all over on this one lol! Miss Texas and Miss Hawaii maybe the same species but they are not the same race, that being said if we don’t mingle with other races than we are mostly likely being considered racists.

With tarantulas just because the two, three, four etc. different forms are the same species doesn’t mean theyre the same race. So if you want to keep the same appearance that this fine beauties have naturally in the wild than we need to keep them separately at all cost.

Maybe I’m racist when it comes to tarantulas......


Jul 18, 2019
Top is definitely the more gorgeous, had no idea this species had such variety. I had a buddy visiting AZ from Turkey but he couldn't manage to find any in the desert.
I'll go hunting for my own pair one of these days..