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Anuroctonus phaiodactylus


Old Timer
Jan 13, 2003
Per Luc: Anuroctonus phaiodactylus or if you follow Soleglad & Fet, the populations from Riverside belong to Anuroctonus pococki (this region includes A. p. pococki, A. p. bajae and intergrades - due to the darkening of the chelal fingers/carinae - this would be A. p. pococki).

Saturday, November 11, 6:00 pm
Stung on left pinky finger. Mild stinging sensation lasted for approx. 1 hour. M Mild, tingly "funny bone" feeling began shortly thereafter and lasted approx. 4 hours. Redness and very slight swelling at time of sting lasted approx. 4 hours. All symptoms then disappeared until:

Friday, November 17, 2:00 am
Awakened by intense itching at site of sting. Found it to be red and slightly swollen. Scratching caused swelling & redness of finger and feeling of heat. Finger is now moderately swollen, unbearably itchy, swollen and hard.


Oct 21, 2013
anuroctonus sting

10/30/13 I was out in the hills near my apartment in Whittier when I came across an anuroctonus phaiodactylus out of its burrow. In my experience this species isn't quick to sting so I picked it up by its tail. This is when it grabbed me with its claws and it's tail slipped from my hand. It tageed me in my index finger. Initial pain was a 6 out of 10. 5 minutes in the pain had traveled slightly down my arm, at this point pain was a 2 out of 10. My finger swelled up and became numb. Had a slight tingling throughout my arm for the next 30 minutes. After that pain was completely subsided. There was numbness in my finger for the next day and a half though.