ANOTHER b. boehmei question.


Oct 8, 2010
So, my last thread, my little sling was in a burrow and closed himself in.
Today, i go to mist his enclosure, and i see mites. The weren't the occasional mites that i see, so i figured they were the kind that could cause harm to him.

I freaked out, obviously, and i slowly broke part of the tunnel, to see if he was molting or anything, but he wasn't. Just sitting there, but his abdomen is VERY black, and i'm deffinetly expecting a molt soon.
Since i did not want the molts to disturb him DURING the molt, i took him out of the burrow and put him in a new, clean enclosure.

I'm just hoping this wont interfere with his next molt, i just wanted to play it a bit safer i suppose.

Did i make the right decision?