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Jan 14, 2008

We did a breeding loan with animalnstinct and it was a VERY positive experience!! Very good communication before,during and after.They even sent us a video on the breeding attempt!!Our male was sent back in perfect shape and was packed very secure!!

Wouldn't hesitate to do another with them!!


Nov 25, 2010
I sent out my first MM male (P. Murinus) as a loaner to Mark and Jennie Waterous at "Animalnstinct". Being an OBT, he gave me trouble getting him in the shipping container. Mark walked me though it and sure enough, my guy went right in! Shipped him out the next day with two day shipping and gave them the tracking #, and fortunatly/unfortunatly Mr. OBT arrived in one day while the Waterous's were away on business. So they called there friend to wait at the door for him and immediatly assess the little guy and put him in their 84 degree (couldn't find the sign for it o_O) t-room. With the first pairing came fantastic pictures! Continuous updates on my little guys activities throughout the whole transaction. Did a total of 2 parings, and planned on 3 but their Female was looking good so we descided 2 good parings were enough. Shipped my guy back, sparing no expense, with their only concern on how my guy was which is how it should be! The shipping box was done perfectly to the dot, complete with stickers, heatpack, and a good solid feel. My mature male will live the rest of his life happy that he has done his job. At Animalnstinct, they do it for the passion and love of arachnids! AAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ :clap: