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Androctonus bicolor


Oct 19, 2010
Hey everyone,
I was tagged on the thigh earlier today approx. 11:15am. I had just finished feeding all my T's and went on to feed my newly aquirred A. bicolor(2 inches)
I readied a cricket in my 12'' tongs and went to open the scorp's deli container(which I keep within a critter keeper for added security). I had a little trouble opening the deli cup and proceeded to use more force in a moment of brilliance. When I did this the lid flew off and everything went flying. I suddenly felt a sharp burning sensation and realized that the scorp had fallen onto my thigh and gave me a solid envenomation. Now mind you the only thing I have to compair this to is a bite from an OBT(P. murinus) I recieved about a year ago. I can honestly say that the OBT bite was much more serious than that which I experienced from this scorpion. Initially I felt a sharp burning pain which spread throughout about half of my right thigh. The pain would come in waves every few seconds at first then the time between pain would increase. within 2 hours I felt no effects. This experience has led me to beleive that either this species of scorpion is highly over rated as far as lethality or that ol world species of T's are extremely under rated as far as venom potency.