and baby makes?!?


Old Timer
Aug 13, 2002
Hi all,
Needing a diversion...I went to a reptile expo here, yesterday. LLLReptiles had the biggest table, and was the only one with Millies. (as well as my future nephew-in-law) (I wanted to get a few more AGB's) They were selling the AGB's for 4.99 a piece, so I thought, cool!

This guy was buying right before me. He was trying to find males, and was a total &%$@. After "sexing" them, he was just slamming them back into their containers. :mad: I wanted to punch him.
So, I buy first one container, (with 2 in it), and then a second. The lady that was manning the table apologized, saying "he got all the males." I just told her that I only really wanted pets. I go by my house, on my way to my parent's. (I'm having to clean over there, and help out.) I was going to try and get the mites off of mine, but gave up. So, I put them all together, and start on my parent's house..About 1 hour later, I decided to show my niece, my new pets.

I lift the lid, and Barry White starts playing. One of the millies was mating with one of the others. :eek: Neither was my millie I had before. I noticed that one was duller than the others. Could males be sexually dimorphic? Laughing..(which I SORELY need) I close the lid. I go back a few minutes later, and the "male" was mating with another..The female from before was munching voraciously on a cucumber..(kind of like the munchies after sex??) =D

So, do millies store sperm? I'm already prepared for what the babies look like, if they appear. Is there anything I can do, to ensure their health?
I have baby well, juvies in my Desert Yellow enclosure, and usually bury cucumber slices under the substrate for them.

I went to my nephew-in-law's table, and he had a BUNCH of millies. I held all, and there was a (as they were calling it) Psychedelic Millie. Granted, taxonomic names are better. I'm going back today, to get it. Was curled tight at first, and then, within 5 seconds, was trucking all over my arm.

I'll take pics, and send them in for an ID. Its basically a peachish color, with darker orange bands, with a purplish sheen everywhere.