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Anastasia (Net-bug.net)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by vvx, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I recently ordered several Ts. All came healthy and fast. I was very pleased with the service and will definitely order more in the near future.
  2. papilio

    papilio Arachnoprince Old Timer

    TOTALLY in love with them!

    I received 6 subfusca lowlands (P. baras) and a freebie P.miranda -- couldn't be happier with them! Packing was amazing, communication great (of course).

    Many thanks to the legendary Anastasia! :worship:

    - Michael
  3. !!positive!!

    Ordered a beautiful 8" female T.stirmi, package arrived a day early, specimen was very well packed and boxed. Beautiful, no blemishes whatsoever, felt right at home in her enclosure immediately and drank water, tackled two superworms about an hour after arrival! WDDBWA. Thanks Ana!
  4. RB40

    RB40 Arachnopeon

    100% positive

    Another excellent trade completed with Anastasia!! Communications were well beyond perfect because I had to have surgery, and she held on to my stock for an extra week or so till I was up on my feet again. Packaging was the BEST I've ever seen because the mail carrier messed up, and was a day late. The temps were in the high 90's this week with the heat index in the 100's, so I thought for sure a day late in those temp's I would have a DOA. The package arrived a day late, and everything was still in perfect condition. I highly reccomend Anastasia to anyone I know who wants quality products, and superb pakaging. Thank you Anastasia. :clap:
  5. crazyeight

    crazyeight Arachnopeon

    Anastasia - www.net-bug.net

    POSITIVE *****

    Purchased a P.Regalis Female 5" plus and asked for a personal touch in selection as this girl was a gift.
    I was floored when I received her and found the most beautiful P.Regalis I had seen.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! [/B]

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  6. Spunky

    Spunky Arachnosquire Old Timer

    100% Positive!!!
    I received my package today exactly as scheduled with exactly what I ordered and what was represented. Shipping was absolutely the best I have ever seen! It has been over 100 degrees here in Texas for a couple of months now and with this packing job I think they could have sat outside for several hours with no worries at all! Cold pack was still cold, triple layer protection for the little guys and snug vials added up to happy little T's and happy wife and kids (back to school spider). Like I needed a reason to buy more... Thanks Again! - Jody
  7. telaranabella

    telaranabella Arachnopeon


    Just received my order from Anastasia. She shipped the day after I placed my order and even wrote me that evening to confirm the order. The spiders were all packed very securely and everyone arrived alive and healthy. She even threw in a couple surprise freebies which also look to be in excellent condition. I also really liked that she wrote a warning on one of the vials that the spider inside was very fast. I would not hesitate to do business with her again!
  8. I did a trade with Ana not that long ago, and was very impressed with the experience. There was an error on my part (which I still feel bad about), but Ana was very patient and helpful. As a result, we got things re-negotiated to where we were both satisfied.

    Throughout the trade, Ana was very professional, courteous and friendly. She even included a couple extra slings in with my end of the trade, which she didn't have to do. She really does go the extra mile. And her spiders are gorgeous, fat and sassy!

    Working with Ana has been a very positive experience, and I welcome the opportunity to do business with her again. :)

  9. KoriTamashii

    KoriTamashii Arachnobaron

    Got my package from Ana - and WOW! Healthy, beautiful animals. She's a sweet lady, and you should DEFINITELY do business with her! :D
  10. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    POSITIVE, as usual.

    Quick & to the point communication, shipped as planned, packed as they should be.
  11. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    A+ Positive Review

    A+ Positive Review

    I just bought a female Theraphosa stirmi from Anastasia. Great quick communication, amazing packaging and a beautiful spider.
  12. DannyH

    DannyH Arachnobaron

    Positive a++++

    I met up with Anastasia and got a cute little GBB sling from her at the Long Island Reptile expo at a very fair price. Its eating and healthy as can be. All the T's at her stand had scientific names and she was willing to answer any questions I had. I'm looking foward to seeing her again at the New York expo. Don't hesitate to buy from her. Thanks Ana!
  13. gmrpnk21

    gmrpnk21 Arachnobaron


    I recently traded with Anastasia, and I am very pleased with the deal! She was wonderful to talk to, has great communication, and I got very healthy tarantulas! My package was misrouted during transit, and ended up taking a weekend detour to the other side of the country! I was panicking in a big way, but when I got the package I was relived to have them walk out as though nothing had happened! I will definitely be dealing with the queen of spiders again!
  14. Positive 100%
    I did a trade with Anastasia and i could not be happier .... her packing was perfect, spiders in great shape, and she tossed in some freebies as well! I look forward to doing business with her in the futures.
  15. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    Positive 100%

    I just got these from Anastasia:

    LP female

    Chromatopelma female

    Poecilotheria metallica

    G. pulchripes Female

    Poecilotheria ornata

    Poecilotheria subfusca highlandform

    Poecilotheria regalis

    The spiders look great. The packing was awesome. I know that when I buy from Anastasia I am going to get great service and great spiders. Thanks, Anastasia.
  16. 100% Positive! Excellent service!

    100% Positive experience

    My parents bought Ts for me for my Christmas present, and I chose to get them through Anastasia because of her great selection and because she had a confimed female in species that I really wanted.

    Everything about the transaction was awesome. We made a mistake on the order (completely my fault and I still feel bad about it) and she was absolutely great about it and helped me fix it and didn't make me feel bad or stupid, which was very much appreciated. She was very patient, and promptly responded to emails.

    The Ts arrived promptly and packaging was great. The tarantulas were healthy and lively and my female B. albiceps was even bigger than I expected. I will definitely do business with her again!
  17. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    Positive 100%

    I want to specifically point out Anastasia's packaging. I buy a lot of arthropods online from almost all of the major websites. All of the packaging "does the job" and gets the animals to me alive. Anastasia's T packaging is the best I have experienced. Thanks for looking.
  18. papilio

    papilio Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Extremely positive of course!

    :biggrin: Just bought a nearly mature P. formosa from Anastasia, nicely packaged and very mellow as she walked into her enclosure. Such a beautiful girl!

    Thanks Anastasia!!
  19. Ansatasia is a real Sweetheart :3

    Anastasia is very professional and is a real credit to the hobby. I ordered two beautiful specimens from Anastasia, a G.rosea RCF and a B.albiceps both females!!she does do pre-orders so i picked up at them at the whiteplains reptile expo. the T's were very healthy, she even threw in a free A.geniculata sling!!! This lady is the real deal, and i will be ordering from her again very soon :)
  20. Perocore

    Perocore Arachnoknight

    100% positive! Just received my A. versicolor sling from Anastasia, and I couldn't be happier! It was packaged perfectly, and was amazingly active as soon as I put it in my tank. Great prices, great communication, and she's very nice to talk to. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from her again.
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