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Anastasia (Net-bug.net)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by vvx, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Anastasia

    Anastasia Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Thank you very much for your feed back, it is highly appreciated.
    I send notification trough FedEx to All my customers the day before, that their shipment is coming. Also Paypal usually send message is well when I post tracking number trough them. I Am very sorry if you didn't get any notifications, It is been very challenging winter I have been trying very hard to keeping eye on the everyone's weather and updating everyone with dates on shipping, with out showering everyone with my emails everyday.
    I always try to do my best to answer to a customer timely if they email me about their order.
    But I Thank you again for your very helpful feed back.

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  2. Valvool

    Valvool Arachnopeon

    Impeccable service

    Second order from Anastasia arrived last week. Again, the packaging was above and beyond what I have seen from any other seller/breeder. Use of wool for cushioning and suspension, with an extra inner layer of wool inside the vial for the Xenesthis sp.Blue female. Very healthy and cute S. Rubronitens, won me over with personality right away. I love Anastasia's service, I will keep going back because I know I can trust her to deliver the goods--and that they will arrive healthy, lively, and beautiful.

    I have been a collector for only a short time, since November...so far I have purchased from around ten other dealers, and one individual. I have experienced DOAs in four shipments thus far. Packaging has been across the board....the same dealer might pack amazingly well on one order and the next order have only one layer of crumpled paper towel as cushioning for an adult female (who exploded in transit).....Reliability, consistency in packaging, communication--these are so important when live animals are shipped. Anastasia can be counted on for all of it.
  3. hmbrower

    hmbrower Arachnosquire

    Today I received my second t from Anastasia! She is lights out. My female H. mac is gorgeous and was packaged perfectly. I love the "tropical plants" comment on the packaging. I received a female C marshalli from her maybe 3 weeks ago. Also, packaged perfectly, and is thriving. She did an excellent job communicating shipping information and I was not worried about the condition that either t was going to arrive in. No doubt in my mind that she is one of the best dealers out there. Period. Thanks!
  4. anderstd

    anderstd Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Anastasia was very helpful in helping me meet a tight deadline with a wonderful looking T. Couldn't have been any better. I will most definitely be doing business with her again.
  5. Tomoran

    Tomoran Arachnoknight

    Awesome service!

    I just received my first order from Anastasia at Net-bug, and I couldn't be more pleased. Her communication was superb; she phoned to make sure that the Fed Ex my package would be shipped to was the closest one to my home and to offer to meet up in the future to save me on shipping. Very cool. She also emailed me after the package was delivered to make sure everyone arrived safely. My three Ts arrived plump, lively and in great shape, and two ate immediately. Her packaging was FANTASTIC, with the spiders being nestled in towel inside of bottles, and those bottles insulated with wool inside a Styrofoam cup. These were then well-packed inside a foam-lined box. WOW. My order was also shipped promptly and arrived the very next day. With the amazing selection she offers, and the impeccable service, I will definitely be ordering from Net-bug/Anastasia again!
  6. Cavedweller

    Cavedweller Arachnoprince


    Fantastic communication. Everyone arrived safe and on time, well packaged and well fed.
  7. viridis

    viridis Arachnopeon


    Good transaction.

    Nice lady. Let me call her a couple of times over the phone to ask questions. :mask:

    We had to coordinate since I was coming from Canada to pick up the package in the US (legally with form 3-177, should there be any curiosity :cool:). I received the package and everything was well packed.

    I got a Pamphobeteus antinous female for a very good price and when I wanted to buy an OBT sling, she just offered to send it as a freebie.

    Definitely a positive experience.
  8. klawfran3

    klawfran3 Arachnobaron

    I just received a shipment from Anastasia today, 6 H villosella, 5 P irminia, 1 H. albostriatum, and 1 C fimbriatus and I couldn't be happier. Everything was perfectly and tightly packed, the spiders were snug and lively upon arrival. She even threw in an extra H villosella for free, which I am absolutely heads over heels ecstatic for. It'll help get my breeding project up and going faster.
    Shipping had to be delayed a week because of temperature reasons, but I couldn't care less as she was making sure the spiders arrived safely and soundly. She maintained amazing contact throughout the order period and let me know the day that she was shipping them out.

    Her website is extremely easy to navigate and all of her tarantulas are very well priced. I highly advocate anyone to do business with Anastasia, as I will be doing this again. Thank you!
  9. Spaceblues

    Spaceblues Arachnopeon


    Just got a juvenile female Euathlus sp red from Anastasia and everything was perfect. Thanks for everything Anastasia!

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  10. Just received my 3 new T ' s A. Diversipes, Hapalopus sp. Colombia, and a P. Irminia (freebee) and some enclosure set-ups. Anastasia was super helpful and the packaging was perfect. Would definitely order from her again. 100% recommended.
  11. HungryGhost

    HungryGhost Arachnoknight

    Bought an a. genic sling from her at a show on 1/4/15. Great person to talk to, a wealth of knowledge and very friendly.
  12. leaveittoweaver

    leaveittoweaver Arachnoknight

    Bought two T's from her recently, great to deal with and the T's are gorgeous! Definitely ordering from her again!

    The 5 T's (and a surprise freebie!) I ordered on Jan 24, 2015 arrived safely, as SOON as the weather permitted, March 11, 2015! I appreciate them being held for so long to ensure safe shipping temperatures.

    Purchased, with overnight shipping:
    Pamphobeteus ultramarinus, unrelated male/female pair
    Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (GBB)
    Cyriocosmus ritae
    Phrixotrichus scrofa (a freebie I selected on the site)
    Grammostola pulchripes (a total surprise freebie!)

    Communication was excellent: she emailed me within a half hour of placing my order online, responded to emails without delay, and called me on Sunday March 8 to let me know it would ship out Tuesday March 10! Communicating with her has been a pleasure.

    Packaging was also top-notch! With the heat pack inside, my little babies were comfortable at about 71 degrees F (I checked!) inside the styrofoam-lined box. Each individual container was very well-cushioned and tightly packed with padding, these guys didn't bounce around one bit.

    Everything was as advertised (or larger! the GBB in particular was about 2x the size I expected), and arrived alive and well!

    The G. pulchripes surprise was pretty awesome, as Anastasia had asked me if I wanted any more freebies besides the scrofa. I said I was happy with just the scrofa, and didn't own any OWs yet (quite a few of the other freebies on the site are OWs, and the other NW freebies were listed as out of stock at the time of my order), and didn't want any OWs yet either. It looks like she totally understood, because this was a perfect surprise freebie for me.

    I am incredibly happy with my purchase and experience with Anastasia/Net-Bug. This was my first time having T's shipped to me, and she has set the bar high!
  14. Cmpsp1

    Cmpsp1 Arachnopeon


    I work at a state park and we have many Tarantulas....I began in the hobby at 9 years old....right now my oldest tarantula is 27 years old.....a G. rosea female.

    I have bought quite a few Ts from other dealers....no bad experiences, Anastasia is one of a kind. No other dealer out there works as hard as she does to make her customers happy and her T's are incredibly healthy and well cared for...heck she will not ship unless it is safe weather to send them....since I live on the east coast it has been a horrible winter and temps have been way too low to send them.

    She waited until the weather was warmer to send them and they arrived in beautiful condition.

    I received a confirmed B. emelia female
    2 OBTs slings
    2 scorfa slings
    1 suntiger
    3 PZBs
    All in excellent condition in fact the next day most had already eaten and two molted.
    Communication was great, this woman knows her stuff and she is a hobbiest as well. I would
    recommend her to anyone looking to purchase their next tarantula or invert. She is such an amazing
    lady.....I have already put in another order a week after this order arrived.....yea she is that good!
  15. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor


    Just sold some slings to Anastasia. Payment was fast, and communication was excellent. Was a pleasure to deal with her, and looking forward to more transactions. I highly recommend her to anyone at all. Thanks again! John
  16. Ratmosphere

    Ratmosphere Arachnoking

    Met up with Anastasia numerous times to buy slings and supplies. She's a very nice person and hard worker. I'm so happy to have a tarantula breeder close to home.
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