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Anastasia (Net-bug.net)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by vvx, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Aviara

    Aviara Arachnoknight

    I ordered two slings from Anastasia two days ago and they arrived today :) Both the OBT and A. versicolor sling are healthy and in great condition! Despite the hot weather lately, shipping went smoothly, and I was very pleased. She made my first experience ordering tarantulas online a very good one - and I would not hesitate to order from her again. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for species they cannot find in local stores!
  2. I ordered a Psalmopoeus irminia female with a Phormictopus cancerides freebie and all I can say is I couldn't be happier. They both came very much lively and well tooken care of. The packing was the best I've seen. Her communication was great. This was my second order from her and I was 100% satisfied again. I buy all my Ts from her and I will be a long term customer.
  3. Transylvania

    Transylvania Zookeeper/Trainer Old Timer

    I ordered a 0.1 B. albiceps from Anastasia and received it in good time, it was healthy and doing great. I had expected a freebie, since I had been promised one, but Anastasia had forgotten. She felt bad about that though, and therefore sent me 4 freebies instead! I was very grateful for that generosity and will definitely do business with her again.
  4. I received two 1.25" Green Bottle Blues from Anastasia today.

    The packaging was excellent.
    -box with styrofoam insert
    -styrofoam cup wrapped inside small bubble wrap
    -inside styrofoam cup, some soft, fuzzy material
    -within soft, fuzzy stuff, two small containers with "GBB" written on them
    -inside containers, C. C.'s wrapped within soft paper towel-like (but softer) material
    -cooling pad (off to one side) wrapped in paper

    That was some cushioned ride for the lil guys (or gals) :)

    Both seem healthy. One went straight into "hide mode" in the pvc hideout. The other started exploring, drinking water, and exploring some more. Two different personalities, for sure!

    Communication, from start to finish, was excellent.

    Thank You, Anastasia!

    -Mike in NC
  5. Zeph

    Zeph Arachnosquire

    Ordered some Brachy's and a GBB from net-bug.net, plus a freebie which immediately became one of my favorite (fuzzy blue P. cancerides, although I hope it's male just for the purple coloration males achieve!).

    Communication was great--she responds quickly and genuinely cares about the safety of her animals. The packaging was also great, a styrofoam box and inside a bubble-wrapped cold pack, packing peanuts, and a styrofoam cup. I opened the styrofoam cup and saw that it was packed with pillow stuffing and little white one-use vials (with a seal and everything) which each contained a tarantula in lightly misted tissue. I thought packaging with other online dealers was supreme, but Anastasia really goes above and beyond! The only issue I had was carrier confusion, but that's not her fault. I will definitely fulfill my next list of "must-haves" at net-bug!

    On a personal note, Anastasia just happens to be my middle name and I often wished it were my first. :D
  6. Nikki1984

    Nikki1984 Arachnosquire


    Another great experience ordering from Anastasia. Her packaging is fantastic and grade A specimens as well! :biggrin:

    I placed the order and they shipped out right away. I love the two new Ts!
    Arrived healthy and happy.
  8. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    !!100% Positive!!

    I just received 3 pokies. As always, the packing was the best. All of the spiders were well hydrated and beautiful. Always a great selection of VERY healthy spiders.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2012
  9. Stromatopoke

    Stromatopoke Arachnopeon


    DIVA!First time purchase with Anastasia, communication was top notch, packing very professional. Both of the Stromatopelma slings were into there new habitats within 1/2 hour and drinking water droplets from the wall. Decided to see if they were hungry. And they are ferocious feeders on 1/4" crickets. Can't wait till their next molt to see them even larger. Thank you so much Anastasia! You Rock! :cool: :love:
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2012
  10. fnydm4

    fnydm4 Arachnopeon

    First time online buyer

    Bought 2 juvie Brachy's and some Vagan slings from Anastasia and couldn't be more satisfied about the communication to the packaging, the follow up and the beautifully well kept spiders she sent. It was the first time transacting online and the experience was so good that I will not hesitate about ordering from her again and would recommend her to anyone reading this.
  11. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon


    Ordered an E murinus from Anastasia. Beautiful spider. Packing was great...safe and secure, and she even wrote the spider's age in months directly on the shipping cup. I would definitely purchase from her again. Thanks!
  12. morrisnakes

    morrisnakes Arachnopeon


    Received my order today of 3 B. vagans, 2 H. lividum + freebie and I was thrilled. Communication beforehand was fast and great. Package went out next day after ordering. Slings were packaged perfectly and no amount of handling poorly by carrier would damage them. They arrived safely, and the cobalts were more than lively and one gave me a run for my money getting him/her into the enclosure LOL so I know that they are healthy critters. Will be happy to do business again soon. :biggrin:
  13. Nikki1984

    Nikki1984 Arachnosquire

    Another great experience ordering from Anastasia. She even included an extra OBT! As always the animals arrived in great shape and were packed perfectly. :D
  14. Also positive. I ordered an E. uatuman sling from her, also the first time I've ever ordered or owned a sling. She called me on the phone to give me advice about its care, even, and offered to throw in some feeder roaches. He arrived today really well packed, and definitely alive. :) He's in his burrow hanging out as we speak, cute little guy.
  15. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Arachnosquire

    I Just received my Theraphosa Stirmi and She is huge and in perfect health and my freebie LP. Purchasing my Goliath Bird eater was not a decision, it was Anastasia's tarantulas. Her tarantulas are competitive in price, live guaranteed, PROVEN females and mature males, fast delivered and your pet is filled with love. As soon as you purchase that Tarantula off Net-Bug, Net-Bug literally just hands you what you wanted. Anastasia is with you the entire way through the process as she works with you personally, I could not be happier with Net-Bug. There is a Queen Breeder and online dealer out there you can trust and who appreciates your business. A+nastasia is her name an she is at Net-Bug.Net
  16. I purchased a B. albiceps and a freebie L. parahybana from Net-Bugs. They arrived today with great packaging. The tarantulas are healthy and doing great! Anastasia was prompt and quick with the communications and shipping. I will definitely do business with Net-Bugs again.

    Thank you Anastasia!
  17. Ordered my first T from her this year, Great communication and she was very nice. Packing was great and the Tarantula was gorgeous and very active right away! The prices are a bit on the high side but i would definitely buy from her again.
  18. I purchased a 3 inch X. intermedia and a M. Robustum. Both are beautiful; they even ate right after shipping. Anastasia was a great communicator and she even threw in a pumpkin patch as a freebee.

    Thanks again will do business soon.
  19. Awesome Transaction...

    I received an overnight order today due to the weather and I was not disappointed. My 3" female P. antinous is a real beauty. She has already claimed a PVC pipe as her home. Also received a G. pulchripes sling. Her communications have all been very prompt and her manner friendly and professional. Packing was superb, with free heat pack warming the spiders nicely. I highly recommend Anastasia (Net-Bug) for a wide selection of spiders, many sexed at competitive prices!
  20. Norm

    Norm Arachnosquire

    Just received, unpacked, and re-housed my shipment from Anastasia Haroldson!!! I ordered six Ts from her:

    1.1.0 C. cyaneopubescens
    0.0.3 H. incei
    And one Hapalopus sp. "pumpkin patch", as a freebie

    Great communication and perfect shipping!!! Heat pack was warm upon arrival. Even had an incei molt during transit. I recommend ordering from Anastasia, I will again for sure! Unpacking alone, is quite the adventure. Anastasia has her own, unique way of packing, that is sure to impress!
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